How to use signups for trips, events, training or just to register interest.

Your organisation homepage can include a signups widget. This will be blank until you add some signups for your organisation. You can use sign-ups for trips, events, training or just to register interest.

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Create a signup

To get to the signups page click on 'signups' in your organisation Admin tools

Click the 'Add new signup' link to create a new signup.

Complete the form, see the following for help on the fields:

Fields to complete when adding a signup

Signup Basics

Signup event name

Enter the name of the event people are signing up to. Every signup added must have a unique name, so if the event appears regularly add a date or other information to distinguish between signups.

Event dates

The date and time of the actual event in date format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm

Signup dates

The dates period when people are allowed to sign up online.



To limit the number of people who can sign up, enter values. All signups operate on a first come, first served basis.


The reserve capacity for the event. This is only applicable if 'Places' is specified. Leave blank for NO reserve places.


Viewing permission

Select who is allowed to view the signup, choose from anyone, any logged in user, members only or execs only (admins of the organisation the signup has been created in).

Signup permission

Select who is allowed to signup to your event from anyone, members only or execs only (admins of the organisation the signup has been created in).

Any other info

Enter details such as the location, price, any requirements etc. Include as much information as you want including text, images, links, video, etc. This uses the WYSIWYG editor which makes it easy to add and format content.

Click 'Submit' and you will be taken back to the main signups screen. You will see the signup you just created listed in the signups table.

Add a signup to your pages

A signups widget can be added to your organisation homepage. Any signups you add will automatically be visible to your users here. To add a list of signups to any page, add the signups widget to that page (see widgets - quickstart for how to create and add widgets to your pages).

There is an option on the Signup widget to display the number of people who have already signed up which can be enabled or disabled on the widget properties page. 

Note: The Signup widget can either list all current signups belonging to the specified organisation, or a specific signup ID (which you can get from the signup admin page) can be added to display only one signup. 

What the users sees

Signing up to an event

Users viewing a page with an available signup will see the main information for each signup with an option to signup to the event.

If they have previously signed up they will have the option to cancel their sign up.

Once a user has signed up, the information is added to their calendar, which they can view via the Account panel. You can also add the personal calendar widget to your page, so that the user sees a copy of their personal calendar on your club pages.

When the signup is full

If a reserve has been set

If the signup is full and a reserve has been set, when the user goes to the signup they will see the following message

If a reserve hasn't been set

If the signup is full and a reserve hasn't been set, when the user goes to signup they will see the following message

Viewing who has signed up

To see a list of who has signed up, go the the signups admin page. In the table of signups click 'view signups' next to the signup you want to see details for.

This displays the ID and name of all people who have signed up.

Everyone who signs up is also added to a grouping in Groups (in your Admin Website) within the organisation that owns the signup. You can view the members of that group directly in Groups or you can select this group in the report server as you would any other to look at Member Details, Demographics and so forth.

Signups can be created for anyone; for members of your organisation, or for specific groups within your organisation if you have set them up using the Groups area of your admin pages. Signups allow members to add themselves to a group within an organisation. Each signup has two date ranges, the dates between which you can sign up to the group, and the date of the event, this allows you to create signups for trips, events, or training

If you are want members to be able to add themselves to a group that isn't linked to any event or date period the Mailing List widget is a better tool as there are no date settings. That said there is more information below about using Signups in this way.

Hiding signup options with CSS

Hiding event details

If you want to use a signup for something unrelated to any date you can hide the event date by adding the following to the CSS tab of the page:

.msl_signup_date {display:none;}

Hiding places available

Similarly if you want to hide the places available add the following to the CSS tab of the page:

.msl_signup_places {display:none;}

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