An alphabetised list of Organisation terms


A planned public or social occasion. Organisations can create events within their Organisation Admin area on the website by going to Organisation Admin > Events


A membership is a link between a person and a membership-type grouping (Role, Membership, List). A membership has the following properties:

News article

Inform members about things that are happening within an organisation. There are many built in features that let you control what news is published and how it is displayed; for example you can delay publication of a story to a future date, restrict viewing of certain articles to members only, link a story to another page, and allow users to comment on news articles.

Photo gallery

Photo organiser used to upload, manage and share photos to display on a website page.


Resources let you store and share files amongst your members and the public. To upload, edit, and delete resources select the Resources icon in your organisation Admin tools.


Signups can be used for trips, events, training or just to register interest.


Widgets are used to add dynamic or system content to a page or template. Each widget performs a specific function (news list, rss feed, product catalogue) and can have a range of settings to customise the widget's output. When added to a site template you must specify the parameters in your markup, on a page there is a built-in widget editor. Your homepage will automatically have widgets included. These have been created to help you get started by adding dynamic content quickly and easily.


An acronym for 'What you see is what you get'; WYSIWYG or WYSIWYG editor both refer to the built-in editor your site uses to add content to pages, articles, events etc.

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