Organisation events

How student group committees can use event and ticketing functionality.

Organisations can create events within their Organisation Admin area on the website by going to Organisation Admin > Events - this is how clubs and societies create their events, anyone with the Edit Events permission for a group will be able to make events for that group, it has fewer options and lacks ticket and door entry setup which exists when creating events from Admin > Events Admin.

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Organisations creating a new event

Under Organisation Admin > Events select 'Add new event'.

Add Event


The Add Event screen allows you to specify the following details:

Event Name

Listed in any event list and on the event page itself. An event must have a name.

Date and time

The start and end date/time for the event. An event must have a beginning and an end.

Show all days

If checked an event taking place over multiple days will be displayed as such on the calendar. By default events only display on the calendar for their start date to avoid events finishing past midnight showing up on your event calendar for the following day.

Tagline/Short Description

Can be displayed on event lists and on the event page.


Where the event is taking place, appears in event lists and on an event page.

External URL

When this event occurs in an event list the link will take users directly to the specified page rather than the default event page.

Event types

Organisation admins can select event types but only Events Admins can create new event types.

Image upload

Upload a logo or image for the event, appears in event lists and on the event page.


Using the 'WYSIWYG' editor, content added here is displayed on the event page and can contain text, images, video etc.

View the event

Click the 'View event' option in Organisation Admin > Events to see how your event looks on your website.

As long as there is an { eventlist } widget in your organisation template page, the event will appear on the organisation's website page

Adding tickets to an organisation event

Take a look at our "Sell products and tickets" support page for information about how an organisation admin can create a ticket for an event. 

Viewing tickets sold

If you don't have access to Report Server, you can view tickets sold for the organisation event in Organisation Admin > Sales Reports as long as you have 'View sales reports' permissions. Available sales reports are:

  • Sales report - Summary of sales over a time period.
  • Purchasers report - Lists product purchases by person.
  • Customisations report - Displays all customisations specified for a product.

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