Logging into the Admin Website

How to log into the Admin Website.

Important information: Your system's site admin will need to submit a login request to the MSL team before we can send you your username and password for your Admin Website. If you've already been set up with a login, but can't remember your details, please email support@ukmsl.com and we'll send you a reminder.

To log into your Admin Website, go to https://www.example.com/msl/ where https://www.example.com will need to be replaced with your own website address. For example, our website address is https://www.ukmsl.com/ so our Admin Website URL would be https://www.ukmsl.com/msl/

This will open the login page where you enter the username and password for the Admin Website sent to you by the MSL team. 

Top tip: Your password is case-sensitive. If you are copying and pasting the password from an email please check to make sure you aren’t copying any additional characters or spaces.

Click Log in to log into the Admin Website. 

Browser compatibility 

The web-based administration functionality of the System supports current versions of Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers on Mac OS X (v10.8 or later) devices and Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Windows browsers on Microsoft Windows (v7 or later) devices.

We will use reasonable endeavours to support new versions of these browsers within three months of their release. Support for browser versions will cease on the same date that their respective publishers cease their support for that version.

Further information:

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