How to use polls to help you target groups and members for informal decision making.

Polls admin allows you to create and display polls that members of your organisation can vote in.

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Edit Polls is an Organisation Permission set in the Groups. Poll Admin is found on the Organisation Admin page yoursite.org/organisation/admin/ provided you have that permission for that organisation.

It is also listed in the Admin Control Panel and under /admin/ provided you have viewing permissions for the page yoursite.org/admin/poll/.

Accessing it via this second route will either ask you to select the organisation for which you would like to administer polls or default to a previously selected organisation. If you have this permission on multiple organisations you can change the organisation at any time using the 'Organisation Name (Change)' link at the top of the page.

Poll admin

By default the Poll Admin page will display all current polls for the selected organistion with an option to show non-current polls. From here you can create a new poll, edit an existing poll or view the results of an existing poll.

Adding a new poll

To create a new poll click 'Add new poll' at the top of the page in Poll Admin.

Poll creation has two stages, setting the question and display properties then adding the options.



Enter your question text (up to 250 characters), the dates over which you would like the poll to be run and the visibility settings.


Enter the dates between which the poll will be visible. When setting polling dates it is sensible to set the start date to a point in the future so the poll is not live while you are adding and editing answers - as soon as someone has voted in a poll the answers are locked and can no longer be edited. Exact polling display times cannot be set, when a date is selected the poll will stop being displayed at midnight.


  • Members only? - Display the question and answers to members of the owning organisation,
  • Visible to public? - This acts as a filter between logged-in and non-logged in users. Non-logged in users will never be able to vote in a poll but you can decide whether they can view the details when not logged-in.

Default chart type

Sets the default chart type used on the poll widget. You can choose from:

  • 2D pie
  • 3D pie
  • Doughnut
  • Bar
  • Column


Once you have submitted your initial poll details you can add possible answers - this is also the same screen you see when you are editing a poll.

To add an answer you need to add the text and select a colour, the colour you select will represent this answer on the resulting chart.

You can reorder your answers using the up and down arrows, edit the colour and text using the edit button or delete your answers.

Please note: Once someone has voted in a poll the answers will be locked (to prevent you changing 'No' to 'Yes' for example!) so please ensure you have the answers you want before the poll becomes live.

To watch a video tutorial of this process, take a look at the video below

Displaying a poll

As long as there is an { poll } widget in your organisation template page, the poll will appear on the organisation's website page. If you are adding the poll to another website page you will need to edit the page > widgets > create poll widget

Creating a poll widget

Once you have selected the poll widget you will be taken to the widget editor where you can set the widget properties:

Widget name

If you have several poll widgets you are adding to the same page you can name them according to the poll you are displaying

Title for poll

Use the title to distinguish between polls if there are more than one on the page


Select an organisation to display its current poll (if there are more than one, it will choose the one with the latest closing date).

Poll ID

Specify the poll ID to display a particular poll. To find your poll ID edit your poll in Poll admin, the ID is the last number in the URL.


Width of the results chart in pixels


Height of the results chart in pixels

Chart type

Type of chart to display (default is to use the type set on the poll)

Adding a poll widget to a webpage

Edit the page you would like to add the poll widget to. Place your cursor in the content where you would like the poll to display.

In the widgets drop down menu, select your poll widget.

This will add your poll widget to your page content.

Save and publish your content. View the page to take a look at the poll. 

When someone votes in the poll they will will see the results once they have voted. You can see below the different chart types you can use.

Editing an existing poll

As noted above, once a poll is live and someone has voted in the poll you will not be able to edit the question or answers, you will be able to edit the polling and display details.

If noone has voted in the poll yet you will be able to reorder, edit and delete the answers in Poll admin by editing the poll and scrolling to the 'Answers' section:


To find out the results of the poll, go to Poll Admin and click on the magnifying glass icon.

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